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Team for Animals in Lantau South (TAILS) is run as a non-profit society that depends on the dedication and passion of volunteers and the kindness and generosity of donors and sponsors to continue working toward a world in which animal welfare is the norm, not the exception. 


At TAILS we believe that each and every animal has a right to the five freedoms of animal welfare

Freedom from hunger and thirst

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from preventable pain, injury or disease

Freedom to express normal behaviour

Freedom from fear and distress


We offer education to encourage responsible animal handling and care, and provide medical attention, protection and nurture to animals in need, who have often been abandoned, neglected and abused. We are committed to de-sexing (spay/neuter) which aids in reducing the numbers of unwanted animals and their unnecessary suffering. Beyond animal rescue, TAILS further provides talks on animal welfare and behaviour. 


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Black Dog

Dr. Esslin Terrighena



As a psychologist, Esslin splits her day between psychotherapy and corporate training for humans, and rescue and nurture for animals in need. She has over 15 years of experience in the animal field, including fostering, training, enrichment, healthcare, rescue, and husbandry.

Esslin balances her compassion for animals with scientific understanding of animal behaviour, which guides her in constructive dialogue with diverse human parties.


Esslin currently forms a pack with two forever dogs and a steady flux of foster animals. 

Cindy Bouw

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Foster & Adoption Coordinator / Accountant

Cindy is a Belgian Chief of Immigration who spent over ten years working with refugees. This experience has shown her the importance of general well-being and volunteer work. Growing up, she was an active member of GAIA, a Belgian organisation that promotes animal welfare and a ‘voice for the voiceless.’ Moving to Hong Kong, Cindy’s passion for animals grew. Cindy and her family have now fostered more than 23 dogs, with three very lucky ones who were later adopted by them.

Cindy lives in Pui O with her family and pack of four with additional fosters. She is delighted to be part of the TAILS team.

Carina Milligan


Marketing & Events Coordinator

Carina has held positions in event organising in a professional and voluntary capacity for over 10 years. From live music to sporting events, around the world.


Although a pet owner for many years, it wasn't until moving to Hong Kong in 2014 that her love for animals really began to shine, when she became involved in fostering for several organisations and soon realised just how much of a need there was to help the animals of Hong Kong. She then continued with this passion by joining the TAILS team in 2019, to use her experience to help TAILS grow, as well as taking in some more furry friends along the way!

Andrew McDonald


Field team coordinator

Andrew is an Australian who throughout his childhood has cared for dogs, rabbits, turtles and fish. He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 to pursue a career in aviation. 

Moving to Lantau in 2000 he rescued and adopted his first dog from an abandoned in Cheung Sha.  He is passionate about animal welfare and conservation. 

As a Field Team Coordinator for TAILS, Andrew will coordinate and conduct rescue missions to help animals in need within the Lantau area.

Andrew lives in Mui Wo with his two rescue dogs and is delighted to be part of the TAILS team.

Cary Shakeshaft-Nicholson


Field team coordinator

Cary was born and raised in Ontario, Canada with many amazing pets along the way. Her love for animals grew deeper and deeper in 2012 when she moved to HK. Cary and her husband have fostered many animals before joining our team. As a stay at home dog mom to two Lantau mongrels, Cary spends her time helping and feeding local dogs , while rescuing and fostering pups in need. She hopes to help make a difference on our beautiful island.

As a Field Team Coordinator for TAILS, Cary will coordinate and conduct rescuse missions to help animals in need within the Lantau area.

Vannesa Yeung

Social Media Coordinator

Born in Hong Kong, Vannesa really appreciates her hometown after studying and working in 4 different continents for over 10 years and wants to give back to the local society. She finds herself wanting to surround herself with positivity and build a life around that. Growing up with a lot of animals, she feels very strongly in animal welfare and wants to contribute to that.


It all started with her dog - Malo, he was only a 2-month-old puppy when he was found alone by the roadside, TAILS stepped in and rehomed him after he was rescued. Shortly after confirming Malo’s adoption, Vannesa decided to start her journey in Animal Rescue and wants to continue in more aspects in the coming future.

Aiko Fujioka Henderson


Vet Nurse

Aiko grew up on Lantau Island in Mui Wo, where she accumulated a variety of rescued animals. Growing up here has installed a great sense of respect for local wildlife and a passion for animal care. Now she owns two rescued mongrel dogs who she enjoys spending time outdoors with.


Aiko attained a BA Degree in Sports and Education Studies in 2013, yet found herself still spending her free time volunteering for various animal organisations. She decided to change her career path and became a certified Veterinary Nurse Assistant in 2014, working at a veterinary referrals practice in Surrey, England. Then she moved back to Hong Kong in 2016 and joined City University of Hong Kong’s Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing programme. She now works as a qualified veterinary nurse at a practice here in Hong Kong, on the Emergency and Critical Care team and absolutely loves her job. 


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Phone: (852) 6464 2908

TAILS is exempt from needing to hold an Animal Trader License as per Regulation 5A(1) of Cap. 139B Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Trading and Breeding) Regulations with exemption number IND-00098.

Charity License: 91/16904

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