Animal Law

This is an overview of animal welfare law in Hong Kong. Changes to Cap. 169 have been proposed recently to improve animal welfare. 

Emergency Procedure

Emergencies with animals can be very stressful.

Here is an overview for when you find an animal in distress in SOUTH LANTAU only. 

Veterinary Services

List of various veterinary clinics with location and opening hours.

Care Guides

Thank you for giving your time, attention and love to one of our rescue animals. It may have been a while since you looked after a puppy/kitten or this may be your first own dog or cat. Here are a few brief refreshers on basic puppy, kitten, dog and cat care. Please get in touch with any concerns or questions with your foster or adopted animal. We are happy to offer support!

Animal ownership comes with a set of responsibilities. Sometimes procedures can be confusing. Here are some guidelines on common animal ownership issues.

Dog Licensing Overview.jpg

These documents are guidelines only and lists are not exhaustive. TAILS cannot guarantee availability, service quality or otherwise of any of the individuals or organizations listed here. If you are dealing with an animal in distress, please trust your best judgment and follow the instruction of your vet.