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Adopting an animal is life changing

It's great that you're considering looking after a furry friend. But, as the saying goes, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas. There are some points to consider before you make the commitment. 

Are you able and willing to:

  • Provide your animal with daily exercise that suits their needs?

  • Provide your animal with adequate, high-quality, nutritious food?

  • Provide your animal with mental stimulation, including toys or training?

  • Provide your animal with appropriate companionship during days and nights?

  • Provide your animal with costly medical care when required?

  • Spend time on training your animal and forming a caring, trusting bond?

  • Understand the needs and behaviours of your animal to ensure their welfare?

  • Gain written consent of your landlord that companion animals are accepted in your rental accommodation?

At TAILS, we aim to provide all our rescue animals with the happiness of being adopted into a forever home full of love, commitment, loyalty, care and attention. For cats and dogs, an adoption commitment can last over 15 years. They will form a loving connection with you and deserve to spend their whole lives secure and happy, without being abandoned when their health declines, they get old, or a human baby comes along.


We do understand and consider it responsible that you may want to see whether your potential adoptee connects positively with all members of your family and thus, are happy to offer trial periods before adoptions are finalized. 





At TAILS we are indebted to our fosters who provide our rescue animals with a loving home environment while they wait for adoption to their forever homes. This provides endless benefits for animals, allowing them to settle into a routine, and receive individual attention, care, good food, and exercise.


Fostering also can allow individuals who are not ready to commit to adoption have the opportunity to share their lives with an animal on a short-term basis while giving back to the animal community through this act of kindness.

Still want to go ahead?

Thank you for considering to foster or adopt one of our rescue animals and provide them a loving home. This adoption and foster questionnaires will help us to understand more about the type of animal you are looking for as well as your daily living circumstances, which can allow us to match the most suitable animal with you and your family. 

Please take some time to answer the questions in the relevant questionnaire as thoroughly and honestly as possible and we will arrange an interview with you at your convenience to discuss potential matches. 

Please note that we will require proof of age, Hong Kong ID or passport, current address, and consent of landlord (where applicable). ​


Please also note that completing the questionnaires does not guarantee successful foster or adoption.

Further, although we do our best to match you with the right animal, TAILS does not guarantee health, temperament or training of any of our rescues.

All the information you enter in these forms is protected under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Cap. 486 of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

TAILS is exempt from needing to hold an Animal Trader License as per Regulation 5A(1) of Cap. 139B Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Trading and Breeding) Regulations with exemption number IND-00098.

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