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TAILS of Jack & Milly

Episode 1
Episode 2

If only our pets had voices, what would they say? Would they be poets, rappers or philosophers, or just like, well… family…

Thanks to the creativity of Gary Brightman at VIBE HK, we share with you the TAILS of Jack & Milly: a 10-minute series about the adventures of four rescued pets that live with their human parents on a beautiful green hilly island in the South China Sea.

Jack is a 3 year-old beige village dog who looks like a cross between a wolf and a teddy bear. Milly is a 2 year-old petite black village dog. They have 2 younger siblings: Eeva, a low-slung, wired hair Jack Russell and O’Malley, a ginger tomcat, who are both 1 year old. They had nothing going for them and no hope for a secure and happy future, until they were given a home by a human family.

The companion animals in TAILS of Jack and Milly were adopted from TAILS and VKB. Thank you for giving these three dogs and one cat a happy future in a hooman family. 

Check out VIBE HK's YouTube Channel here:


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