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Team for Animals in Lantau South (TAILS) is run as a non-profit society that depends on the dedication and passion of volunteers and the kindness and generosity of donors and sponsors to continue working toward a world in which animal welfare is the norm, not the exception. 


At TAILS we believe that each and every animal has a right to the five freedoms of animal welfare


Freedom from hunger and thirst


Freedom from discomfort


Freedom from preventable pain, injury or disease


Freedom to express normal behaviour


Freedom from fear and distress


We offer education to encourage responsible animal handling and care, and provide medical attention, protection and nurture to animals in need, who have often been abandoned, neglected and abused. We are committed to de-sexing (spay/neuter) which aids in reducing the numbers of unwanted animals and their unnecessary suffering. Beyond animal rescue, TAILS further provides talks on animal welfare and behaviour. 


For enquiry, please email info@tailslantau.org

Our Animals

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Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Karen Davison

Our Team


Dr. Esslin Terrighena


Esslin is a chartered psychologist, who splits her day between human mental health and animal welfare. She has over 15 years of experience across multiple countries in the animal field, including fostering, training, enrichment, healthcare, rescue, and husbandry. Esslin currently forms a pack with two dogs, two cats, and a steady flux of foster animals. 

In Hong Kong, she has been working with animal welfare organizations since 2014; fostering cats and dogs for various charities, assisting in dog training at Hong Kong Dog Rescue, supporting animal rescue with PALS, and providing enrichment for primates at the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

Esslin founded TAILS in December 2018 to support animals in need around South Lantau. She brings strong executive and operational skills to the charity, balancing passion for animal welfare with scientific understanding and grounded pragmatism. This enables her to maintain constructive dialogue with diverse human parties, but also tirelessly drives forward her vision of creating a world in which animal welfare is not the exception, but the norm.  


Andrew McDonald

Field team coordinator

Andrew moved to Hong Kong from Australia in 1994 to pursue a career in aviation and rescued and adopted his first Hong Kong mongrel from an abandoned building site on Lantau in 2000.


Growing up, he cared for dogs, rabbits, turtles, and fish, and throughout his life has been a passionate advocate of animal welfare and conversation. He now shares his home with two rescue dogs.

Andrew gives a voice to the voiceless, being a strong supporter of animal welfare initiatives such as Sea Shepherd and World Animal Protection and living a Vegan lifestyle in which the lives of animals are respected and cherished.


Andrew contributes his extensive experience in calm handling of scared and injured cats and dogs when coordinating rescue missions to help animals in need within the Lantau area. 

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Cary Shakeshaft-Nicholson

Field team coordinator

Cary was born and raised in Canada in a family of animal lovers and shared her home with many amazing pets along the way. Since their move to Hong Kong in 2012, Cary and her husband have been fostering many animals from various rescue organizations and actively supported the previous animal welfare society PALS with hands-on animal rescue and trapping of injured animals.


As a stay at home dog mom to three Lantau mongrels, Cary is greatly loved by many of the village dogs around Lantau Island, as she keeps an active eye on their health and safety, and leaves them some yummy treats along the way. She is also the TAILS ambassador in spreading the word about our rescue animals to her wide network of animal lovers. Cary brings her knowledge and experience in dog and cat behaviour to every rescue project, and persistently fights for better treatment and protection of animals across Hong Kong.



Aiko Fujioka Henderson

Certified Veterinarian Nurse

Aiko grew up on Lantau Island in Mui Wo, which installed a great sense of respect for local wildlife and a passion for animal care. Throughout her life, she has rescued, fostered and adopted a variety of animals in need, and currently shares her home with two adventurous rescue dogs.

Aiko attained a BA Degree in Sports and Education Studies in 2013, yet found herself still spending her free time volunteering for various animal organizations. She decided on a career change and became a certified Veterinary Nurse Assistant in 2014, working at a veterinary referrals practice in England. Then she moved back to Hong Kong in 2016 and joined City University of Hong Kong’s Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing program. She now works as a qualified veterinary nurse in the Emergency and Critical Care unit of a veterinary clinic in Hong Kong.

Aiko provides her extensive medical knowledge, helping our rescue animals with advice and support. She is a key person for TAILS, especially after hours in emergency situations to help us assess and stabilize animals while we try to get them to a vet clinic. 

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Sarah Kennedy

Canine Behaviourist

Sarah moved to Hong Kong when she was 7 and has lived here most of her life. She has worked in animal rescue since she was a young teenager, starting out as a volunteer with SPCA and in the last 30 years, fostering countless animals for various rescues. Of course, she has also adopted some fantastic animals along the way and now shares her home with two dogs, four cats and a husband!

Sarah holds a diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the renowned International School of Canine Psychology (ISCP). She is currently specializing in the Trust Technique to help rehabilitate traumatized dogs. Guiding humans in understanding and communicating with their dogs with love and patience is at the heart of her work.

At TAILS, Sarah provides assessments and training for our rescue dogs. She has been particularly outstanding in her work with some of our most fearful animals, who have through her learned to trust and find their loving forever homes. Sarah also provides advice to our fosters and adopters.

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Carina Milligan

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Carina has held positions in event organizing in a professional and voluntary capacity for over 10 years: From live music to sporting events, all around the world.

Although a pet owner for many years, it was not until moving to Hong Kong in 2014 that her love for animals really began to shine, when she became involved in fostering for several animal welfare organizations, and soon realized just how much of a need there was to help the animals of Hong Kong. She then continued with this passion by joining the TAILS team in 2019, to use her experience to help TAILS grow, as well as taking in some more furry friends along the way.

Carina contributes her strong marketing and management skills to TAILS, supporting us in organizing adoption and fundraising events, coordinating merchandise to help raise funds, and nurturing our relationships with supporters, partners, and collaborators.


Dr. Catherine Cormack

Registered Veterinary Surgeon

Growing up on a farm in rural Scotland, Catherine was surrounded by and cared for a variety of species from childhood. Her passion for making a difference to the lives of animals prompted Catherine to obtain a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Hons) from the University of Glasgow. She worked as a veterinary surgeon in Scotland, volunteered for charities such as the Scottish SPCA, Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, Cat Action Trust, and Guide Dogs for the Blind, and was an expert witness for the SSPCA.

Catherine moved to Hong Kong in 2012 where she continues her career in companion animal and exotic animal veterinary practice, and provides veterinary care for numerous animal rescue organisations. Since 2019, Catherine has been teaching the next generation of veterinary surgeons at City University of Hong Kong, instilling a sense of ethical responsibility in her students.

Catherine is a strong advocate of animal welfare in all species and places priority on the individual needs of her patients above everything else.  Concerned about ecological and environmental impact, Catherine is vegan and tries to live a minimal waste and plastic-free lifestyle. Catherine’s calm and gentle manner and veterinary knowledge helps to ensure our rescue animals receive the correct triaging, veterinary advice and support they need.


Ashleigh Tamblin

Social Media Coordinator

A content marketing and events professional, Ashleigh moved to Hong Kong in 2011 from the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on creative writing and projects, Ashleigh helps to manage the digital marketing segment of TAILS, ensuring that the animals and our charity mission messages are shared and engaged with by the public.

A lifelong advocate for environmental and animal welfare, Ashleigh spends her free time volunteering and fostering animals.