Would Fostering or Adoption be suitable for you?

  Are you able and willing to…

  • Provide your animal with daily exercise that suits their needs?

  • Provide your animal with adequate, high-quality, nutritious food?

  • Provide your animal with mental stimulation, including toys or training?

  • Provide your animal with appropriate companionship during days and nights?

  • Provide your animal with costly medical care when required?

  • Spend time on training your animal and forming a caring, trusting bond?

  • Understand the needs and behaviours of your animal to ensure their welfare?

  • Gain written consent of your landlord that companion animals are accepted in your rental accommodation?

Foster & Adopt

Rescue animals with TAILS will undergo a health check and, where applicable, will receive de-sex, microchip, and preventative and health treatments. Thereafter, we seek suitable fosters where our rescues can enjoy a caring family environment until they can find their forever homes. In the rare case that we cannot find a foster family, we make use of reliable short-term boarding, veterinary (sick/contagious animals) or kennel facilities.

Fostering or adopting an animal requires substantial financial and time commitment as you will be responsible for their daily needs, including quality nutrition, training, exercise and bonding, as well as their medical health care (adopted animals only). 

Our animals come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, which make different animals suitable for different homes.


Some rescue animals have been abandoned or abused and may carry trauma with them that requires patience, kindness, and understanding. Others may be happy-go-lucky and fit well with active, energetic families. We aim to give you the best information possible and match you and your animal’s temperament with each other;  however, we cannot make promises about how animals will interact with you or their environment over time. 


Based on commitment and love, both fostering and adopting can be incredibly rewarding for both the animal and you, and we have seen wonderful companionship form between our fosters, adopters and our animals in their care



At TAILS we are indebted to our fosters who provide our rescue animals with a loving home environment while they wait for adoption to their forever homes. This provides endless benefits for animals, allowing them to settle into a routine, and receive individual attention, care, good food, and exercise.


Fostering also can allow individuals who are not ready to commit to adoption have the opportunity to share their lives with an animal on a short-term basis while giving back to the animal community through this act of kindness.


At TAILS, we aim to provide all our rescue animals with the happiness of being adopted into a forever home full of love, commitment, loyalty, care and attention. For cats and dogs, an adoption commitment can last over 15 years. They will form a loving connection with you and deserve to spend their whole lives secure and happy, without being abandoned when their health declines, they get old, or a human baby comes along.


We do understand and consider it responsible that you may want to see whether your potential adoptee connects positively with all members of your family and thus, are happy to offer trial periods before adoptions are finalized. 

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